About US

Well Qualified Instructors

Keith Blankenship, lead instructor and co-owner of Support Life Training Solutions, has been teaching CPR & basic life support (BLS) for over 42 years and advanced emergency subjects over 31 years. He has spent 45 years in the Emergency Medical Service (EMS) and the Virginia Department of Fire Programs, most of those as a Nationally Registered Paramedic. He is very familiar with the nature of training certifications and re-cert requirements. He likes subjects developed by the American Heart Association (AHA) as they teach the science of the subject, as well as their talking points. 

Support Life Training Solutions has additional staff, each with minimum of 15 years of BLS & advanced life support (ALS) certifications, EMS response experience and student training & mentoring.  

Topics Of Instruction

Support Life Training Solutions instructs students in medical subjects including CPR, BLS, and ALS, primarily in the Roanoke Valley and southwestern Virginia.

Our Goal

 All of the instructors want to –

· provide exceptional training to those who may eventually, or daily, work on a patient. 

· offer classes at the convenience of the student.

· leave no student behind! They all work to make material not be intimidating, tailoring any subject to fit the audience and their current skills. 

Mission Ready

When finished with one of our classes, anyone should feel confident to handle situations that arise and provide CPR, or any other skill, they have been taught.  

In the News

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